South East Asia Market Research Specialist

Established since 1994 as one of the first market research fieldwork companies in Vietnam and is 100% Vietnamese Owned Company, we proudly provide highest quality Market Research and Business Consultancy Services to international and local clients.

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Why Choose Us?

We are known for very rigorous sampling methodology and strict data collection process to ensure the insights collected from the right target.

Our Unique 100% Local

Unique local talent base with significant experience in marketing, research, advertising and communication to add value to the projects that we undertake.

Specialized individual skills ranging from project management, logistics, brand strategy & development to strategic thinking to provide our clients with actionable recommendations.

Strong IT culture. Excellent track record. Full national coverage.


Strict Sampling Procedure

It is the reflective local insights and our meticulous approach to national data ward-level-sampling with Kish-Grid household selection and recruitment that help us not just deliver consistent and reliable data but also add value of insight to the project.

Culture Understanding

One of the fundamental keys to success when doing business in Vietnam is the ability to grasp and adapt to the Vietnamese business customs. Lack of understanding might cost you dearly and result in lost opportunities.

Here at AMCO Vietnam, we share with your our local understanding to help bring you closer to your target and better build stronger relationship with them.


Nationwide Coverage

Our headquarter is located in Ho Chi Minh City. We work with our partners and Fieldwork Representatives in all major Cities, providing national coverage for any fieldwork project or data collection requirement.

We also have a very strong connections with not only local but also international experts across different sectors to help provide our clients the best business advices when it comes to NPD, creative strategy and brand, brand building and communication.

Our Services

We are a full-service agency, whether it is a traditional off-line survey following rigorous door-to-door random sampling or modern on-line recruitment and interviewing, Mystery Shopping, Consumer Safari, Ethnography or brand building workshop.

Experienced in large-scaled projects spanning across regions, provinces, both urban and rural.

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