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AMCO Research's mission is to provide highest quality standard for each project we undertake. It is the reflective local insights and our meticulous approach to fieldworks and recruitment that help us not just deliver consistent and reliable dataset but also add a value of insight and phenomena identification to the project.

We are working hard and continuing to strive for an uncompromised commitment to market research quality and continuous improvements on fieldwork techniques to meet new challenges of changing behaviour and quality recruitment is the way to ensure quality data.

Full market research service with specialised stages of:

Research project design including recognized probability methods to cover representative of the population of the universe.
Questionnaire Design and Programming with advance data collection softwares.
Translation & Training
Research Project Auditing
Data collection
Tabulation & Data Analysis
Summary & Reporting

The list below shows our specialised services for qualitative studies. In addition, we can help you design research project that is capable of retrieving and revealing the right kind of data that can give you the right insights for actions at the location of interest.

Focus Group & Recruitment (mini, standard and gang survey)
In-depth Interviews
Ethnographic studies
New Product Development
Hall Tests
Brand Research
Mystery Shopping
And these are what we can do to add the right values to your projects:

Expert in conducting patient/ doctor interviews or patient home visits for healthcare studies
Focus group discussions with our team of ESOMAR standard expert moderators.
Expert in recruitment of authority respondents.
Fully in-house capabilities for qualitative researches.
Recording fresh data by taking notes simultaneously together with 100% recording sessions.
Use of well-trained permanent researchers for all moderations.
Use of well-trained transcribers and translators in multiple languages.
Providing excellent and experienced simultaneous translators
Providing modern facilities for qualitative studies.

From the simple to complex projects, you can trust in AMCO ability. We consider “complexity” as a catalyst for us to grow and innovate to add new values to our clients.

Exit InterviewsDoor to DoorOn Street Interviews / intercept recruitmentFace to Face Recruitment/InterviewingTelephone Recruitment/InterviewingMystery ShoppingUser TestsIHPP (In-home product placement)U&A (Usage & Attitude) StudyCentral Location TestingHall TestsProduct TestCustomer Satisfaction studiesPerformance ReportingEmployment Satisfaction studiesCAPI/CATI capabilitiesCAPI UnitCATI UnitSecondary/ Desk Research
Strict quality control procedures and fully adhered ICC / ESOMAR Code of Practices to ensure your dataset meet consistency, validity and reliability requirements:

One unique project manager in charge of each study
All interviewers receive at least one day training or retraining on basic and advanced interviewing techniques and procedures and one or half day with real respondent interview for any given project on top of extra project training requirements.
All interviewers for each specific project receive comprehensive training before going into the field.
All interviewers for each specific project are required to take interviewer technique and questionnaire test before going into the field, followed by supervised mock interview in pair then actual targeted respondent interview.
All interviewers for each specific F2F projects are accompanied by a trained supervisor for their first two interviews, following by 50% of subsequent interviews.
Constant supervision of all telephone interviews, where 100% audio recording and audited at least 30% by QC team.
After completion, all questionnaires are checked to be relevant and complete
30% standard random call backs applied to each interviewer during FW no later than 7 days from each interview completion date.
GPS recording and monitoring real time locations of interviewers with centralised random voice recording for auditing procedure applied to all CAPI projects.

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